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RIT Engine transforms search by combining inventions analysis, intelligent assistance, and seamless API integration into a unified platform for streamlined research and resource access.


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Effortless Innovation Protection Procedure

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Unlocking Possibilities: RIT Engine
Drives Innovation and Empowers Ideas
Working Process
4 Steps to use the platform on
the dashboard.

Unleash your imagination and uncover
innovative ideas that can become your next big project.


Analyze and refine your ideas through
strategic evaluation to identify the most promising opportunities.


Design a comprehensive technical roadmap that transforms your evaluated idea
into a viable solution.


Navigate the final steps of development and execution to turn your vision into a reality.

Step by step implementation of the invention
Innovation Assessment in One Platform

This section provides a comprehensive evaluation of the idea's feasibility, market potential, and technical viability, crucial steps in transforming it into a tangible invention.

  • Examination of idea's feasibility, scalability, and compatibility with existing technologies.
  • Meeting necessary technical standards for successful invention implementation.
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Create Amazing Invention
Cutting-Edge Capabilities of Our Invention
Development Platform

Technical Advisory Service

Expert advice for invention development.


Idea Evaluation

Comprehensive assessment for invention potential.


IP Declaration Generation

Automatic creation of IP declarations.


API Integration for Analysis

Utilizing external APIs for analysis.


Multifaceted Structure Analysis

Comprehensive analysis of various structures.


Seamless Connectivity with APIs

Smooth integration with external APIs.

Create a Brilliant Idea
Write me a sentence that ends with Idea Evaluation

This crucial component of our platform involves a comprehensive assessment of the proposed invention, examining its feasibility, market potential, and technical viability. Through rigorous analysis, we provide valuable insights into the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats associated with the idea, guiding inventors towards informed decisions regarding further development, investment, and potential patenting.

  • 5W+1H
  • Brainstorming
  • TRIZ Theory
Working Process
Invention Development Process Overview in 4 Steps

Research and Search

Thorough Exploration of Inventions, literature, and Market Trends.


Invention Name and Idea Evaluation

Assessment of invention's feasibility, market potential, and technical viability.


Technical Consultation

Expert advice tailored to invention's technical challenges and requirements.


Draft Definition

Detailed outline defining key features and functionalities of invention.

Pricing Plans
Subscription Plans and Pricing Options

Growth Plan

Bring your invention to life with access to essential

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does RIT Engine do?

RIT Engine is a powerful search engine that offers inventions analysis, intelligent assistance, and seamless API integration. It allows users to evaluate ideas, streamline research, and access valuable resources, all within a single platform.

Why was RIT Engine launched?

RIT Engine was launched to drive innovation and empower researchers, inventors, and intellectual property professionals. It aims to revolutionize the search experience by providing comprehensive inventions analysis, personalized intelligent assistance, and seamless integration with various APIs, ultimately enhancing the research and innovation process.

What are the objectives of RIT Engine?

The objectives of RIT Engine are to facilitate a deep understanding of inventions, optimize research processes through intelligent assistance, and connect users with valuable resources through API integration. It aims to empower users to make informed decisions, drive innovation, and stay ahead in competitive markets.

What is the future of RIT Engine?

The future of RIT Engine is focused on continuous improvement and expansion. It will evolve with advancements in technology and user needs, incorporating cutting-edge features, enhancing analysis capabilities, and expanding API integrations. The goal is to remain at the forefront of research and innovation, providing users with the tools they need to succeed in their endeavors.

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RIT Engine transforms search by combining inventions analysis, intelligent assistance, and seamless API integration into
a unified platform for streamlined research and resource access.